Giving A Hand Up, not a Hand Out, One person at a time.

Life is not just what we experience day to day, it's what we will become at the end of the day to day.

A Work of Hope

Sometimes it only takes one person to begin to make a difference.


My name is Al. 

Are you going through a mid-life crisis, bored, not happy with where your life path has taken you?

Homeless, no life, day to day struggles make you feel like you're going no where? 

Addiction problems: drugs, alcohol, sex, food, porn, tobacco or whatever, or do you have everything and yet you're still not happy with your life?

Then what I am about to propose just MIGHT be a solution for you.

I am a male in my mid-50's. I've injured my hand and cannot do the work I used to do.  I'm not looking for a disability check nor handouts.

This is going to be my last ride.   I'm planning on bicycling from here, Billings Montana, to Seattle Washington. 

Well, this might sound crazy to many, but I have a serious reason behind this idea.  What better way to get healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually.  To travel and enjoy the beauty of this great country, get in shape physically, get in touch with your inner spirit, and talk to the Lord!

All that is needed is the desire and drive to do it.  I am planning on departing the first week of September, 2017, from Billings, Montana and if you are crazy like me and think this could be for you, all you need is a bike, a few dollars, a sleeping bag and an adventurous spirit. 

GOD will provide everything else we need.  Don't have a bike or whatever?  Let us know.  We can figure something out.

If you're interested, please contact me, Al Herbert, through First Christian Church.  522 N 29th Street, Billings, Montana. 406.259.3368

If you would like to go but you can't for some reason, or you would like to help us on this journey, we still need a few things listed.  Items can be dropped off at First Christian and Pastor Jeromy will see that I receive them, messages also if interested in going.

We are also looking for sponsors.  Already we have First Christian Church, BowWow Tree Service, and Tree of Hope Ministries.  Sponsors will get advertising on our t-shirts and on the social media that our trip is journalled-Facebook, Blogger, this website, and wherever else. 

So far what we need are cell phones and the cards for minutes that can be used Billings and Seattle.  Used back packs. Sleeping bags. Light weight food items-dehydrated.  Packets of baby wipes.  Portable water bottles.  Light weight camping gear suitable for bike travel.  Rain suits.  Anything will be appreciated. 

We want to get healthy and learn what it is that Jesus lived and was crucified for and what He really does for us.

Thank you very much.